Giving Back

A CASA volunteer laughs while interacting with a young boy.

When I was a younger mother, actively raising my children, I was incredibly saddened by stories of children who had been victims of abuse and neglect. Though I often felt overwhelmed caring for my own two children, I wanted to do something to help these extremely vulnerable ones. At that time I didn’t feel emotionally strong enough to take action, but I bookmarked in my mind the idea of helping the most vulnerable of children.

Years later, I searched the internet trying to find some kind of volunteer organization that fit what I wanted to do. After a long search, I found out about the Westchester CASA organization. CASA’s website reads:

“Assigned by a Family Court Judge, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are trained community volunteers who monitor and report on the physical health, behavioral health and education needs of children who are in foster care or at risk for foster care. CASA volunteers fulfill their role through telephone and face-to-face contacts with the child, biological and foster parents, case managers and other service providers who are involved in the child’s life. Volunteers can be assigned at any point in the case and remain assigned until permanency – with either the biological or extended family or through adoption – is achieved.”

My goal is to advocate for what is in the best interest of the child. I love being a CASA because it allows me to listen without judgement and provide emotional support, and also use the analytical and practical side of me that wants to get the most out of the system for the children. I truly enjoy meeting all these various people in the lives of a child in foster care, and I find the work both meaningful and interesting.

I deeply believe in the work of the national CASA program, and specifically of the CASA Westchester chapter, and I am honored to be able to support them financially. I commit 10% of the profits from every RT Jewelry sale to CASA Westchester to help fund the program.

Through your purchase of any RT Jewelry piece, you are supporting CASA Westchester and their mission to help every child end up in the best home for his or her situation. Thank you for your support.

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